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Re-thinking outlet stores

Functional retail concept dedicated for outlet malls. Everything has is made specifically for the functionality and flow in outlets. The oversize detailed units combined with the spatial stockroom layout and the upgraded warehouse look with the authentic and honest materials makes is an optimal shopping experience and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Re-vitalizing a retail Icon

The task of re-wamping and restarting the epic Esprit brand includedour design and development of the new store concept. This complete retail concept uses clear references to the Esprit Memphis style shops in the late 80’s has been mixed and redefined with Nordic simplicity and coolness. High quality metal details, custom made light system and a balanced and light atmosphere make the concept entirely its own.

Multifunctional showroom

The Only fashion showroom deliver both showcasing and auditorium function in one combined design.

The special showcase tanks for highlighted products welcomes the guests in a mirrored hallway and guides them into the large showroom & auditorium with a versatile seating environment and gives a unique experience. The setting is cool and very modern and the large red couch and the stainless-steel walls create a cool and generic backdrop for a variety of products.

Nordic Luxury Appartment

Nordic warmth and Well crafted details defines the look of this high-end apartment design. The special oak cladded hallway with the integrated and almost invisible doors and cabinets sets the tone and the use of high-grade materials and elegant design is present throughout the apartment. Tailormade furniture and the use of large polished marble and oak structures give a very coherent, luxurious but still a very homey atmosphere.

Luxury nightclub

Complete one-off design of the Aha Livestage – perhaps one of the most luxurious and welcoming nightclubs in Denmark. The large round bar is and the round live stage are the main elements combined with the cozy seatingareas, top notch technical light and sound systema make this nightclub is a truly special experience.

Premium kitchen experience

Material Honesty and craftmanship is the main DNA of Hanstholm kitchen, and this environment create the perfect canvas for changing kitchen design and combines 6 different setups in a unified experience.
Special furniture design for seating and wardrobe completes the luxurious and Nordic feel of Hanstholm.

Dockside Michelin Restaurant

The amazing location in the old dock area in Fredericia offers a spectacular panoramic view of the sea. The overall space plan accommodates undisturbed views with all functionality incorporated into large structures away from the view. To pay respect to the history of the surrounding, the main materials is black steel plates in different refined structures. Combined with brass, oak and authentic Nordic natural stone floor, it creates a luxurious but relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the amazing Nordic gourmet experience Ti Trin Ned offers.

Expressive & spectacular retail

The Jack & Jones stores in China offers a wide diversity of fashion products and in these very large stores, different environments is combined to generate a diverse and exiting shopping experience. Large showcase elements, city related decoration and a never-ending urge to offer new experiences to the customers makes this corporation very exciting.

The Beach House

The sleek sharp-edged house is defined by two parameters. Get the most out of the unique location and create a spacious and connected space plan. Functional areas and seating areas dissolves into each other and combined with the authentic materials is creates an elegant and cozy atmosphere.